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From ZERO to HERO!

There are a lot of job and study opportunities available in Japan. Many Filipino families have benefitted economically from a relative getting a high-paying job and sending funds home to help support the family. Unfortunately, all possible situations of employment in Japan require some Japanese language speaking skill. If you currently have ZERO Japanese language ability, you might think it impossible for you to get a job in Japan, but that is NOT necessarily true. Or maybe you have inquired from, or tried to enroll in, a Japanese language school only to be rejected because they do not accept students with ZERO Japanese background.

We can help! Our "ZERO to HERO" program is designed for people just like you!

The program begins with an introduction course that will teach you all the different writing systems for Japanese. The class meets once a week for 4 weeks. There is a lot of homework, but you have a whole week to complete it! You will learn romaji, hiragana, katacana, and basic greeting phrases. It will also introduced you to kanji.

Once you complete the 4 weeks of introduction, you will be ready for the main course! We will take you through our training program using material that has helped hundreds of students like you master Japanese enough to land good jobs in Japan and be the HERO of their family, helping them escape poverty!

We can help you learn Japanese!

You too can go from ZERO to HERO in as little as 4-6 months, depending upon the Japanese language requirement of the job you desire! We have a VERY GOOD Japanese language program for those who need to pass the different Japanese language proficiency tests given by the Japanese government for visa and work purposes. We have training programs for either the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) exam or for the Japan Foundation Test (JFT). It does not matter which test you must pass, we have the program for you. The key is getting you up from ZERO Japanese, by means of the introduction course, so you can learn the language and accomplish your dream!

The Japanese exams have several levels of difficulty and different jobs require that you pass a certain difficulty level. The higher the level that is required, the longer you will have to study. Each test level requires 150 hours of classroom study. Each course of 150 hours is divided into six (6) modules of 25 hours each. We can help you go as high as the JLPT level N3!

These courses we offer can be taken in our classrooms or online. You can also choose to study in a GROUP class or MAN-TO-MAN, where you are the only student in the class! We offer discounts for groups.

How much does it cost?

The cost for each cource and training module, whether CLASSROOM or ONLINE, is the same, but MAN-TO-MAN classes are more expensive than GROUP classes. To qualify for GROUP rates, there must be at least two (2) students enrolled. To book an enrollment, students must pay a non-refundable registration/deposit fee.

For the Introduction Course the cost is 1,999.00 for the GROUP class, and the non-refundable deposit is 600.00. The cost for the MAN-TO-MAN class is 3,999.00, and the non-refundable deposit is 1,500.00.

As mentioned above, the formal training courses have six (6) modules of 25 hours each for a total of 150 hours. For GROUP classes, each of the training modules only costs ₱ 3,999.00. (The total cost for the GROUP study option of the 150 hours needed for each level will be 6 modules X ₱ 3,999.00 = ₱ 23,994.00.) The non-refundable deposit FOR EACH MODULE, will be 1,500.00.

For MAN-TO-MAN classes, each of the six (6) modules of a level will only cost ₱ 6,999.00! (The total cost for the MAN-TO-MAN study option of the 150 hours of a level will be 6 modules X ₱ 6,999.00 = ₱ 41,994.00.) The non-refundable deposit FOR EACH MODULE will be 1,700.00.

Each module fee includes instruction, materials, and all service fees and taxes. We accept payment in cash, credit or debit card, GCASH, or PayMaya. Please see our Payment Policy at the bottom of this page.

We also offer a very generous DISCOUNT POLICY for students who want to refer their friends. The more friends who enroll at one time, the more money you can save!

(Click the link below in "Policies" section at the bottom of the page for more details.)

Would you like a FREE "Trial Class?"

Let's have a trial class! It won't cost you anything. You can meet us and we can assess your Japanese and give you some suggestions. We can tell you more about our programs and answer questions you might have. Then you can decide if you want to enroll in a study program with us. So, if you are interested in having this FREE class, send us a message below and we will contact you to set up a schedule.

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