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ETHOS Japanese FAQ

We have a collection of "Frequently Asked Questions" from past visitors and students. Look through the list below and click on the link of a question you want. The link will take you down in the list to that question. After the question, you will find a "back to top" link to bring you back to the top of the list.

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1. Can I enroll even if I have no previous Japanese language study experience?

Yes you can. We accept students with no prior knowledge of Japanese. Our teachers are skilled in the language and we sometimes have several Japanese native speakers studying English at ETHOS with whom you can practice speaking your Japanese. Contact us and we will help set up a program that is right for you.

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2. Do you give a certificate after finishing the course?

Yes, if you complete all of the training hours of the course in which you enroll, we will give you a certificate showing that you completed that number of hours. In addition, if you complete the program and submit your school credentials to us, we can apply a Special Order (S.O.) Number at TESDA and can give you a training certificate with an approved Special Order Number issued by TESDA. We can also provide a course description you can give to employers or school administrators so that people will know exactly what you studied and learned.

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3. How many different Japanese courses can I take?

We have Japanese training courses for JFT exam, and the JLPT: N5, N4, up to N3. Each level requires 150 hours of study. As long as you complete the first level, and show that you have passed that material, there is no limit to the number of courses you can take. You must take them one course at a time.

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4. What is the JLPT exam I read about in the course explanation page?

JLPT stands for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and it is administered by the Japanese government in Japan and in many foreign countries. The test certifies the Japanese language proficiency level of non-native speakers. The test is given in July and again in December, therefore training for these exams needs to start early enough so that students have at least 150 hours of classroom training before the exam date.

As a bonus for our students who are planning to take the JLPT tests, we assist them to file their applications at the Japanese Association Cebu office.

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5. Why should I study the Japanese language?

Learning a new language can bring new opportunities into your life! Learning Japanese can also help you make new friends. If you know Japanese very well, it will help you advance your career and get higher paying jobs! There ARE many employment opportunities available in Japan for Filipinos, however you MUST be able to speak Japanese well (at least a JLPT N4 level) in order to be hired.

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6. What are your available Japanese class schedules?

Our regular Japanese class schedules require students to study six (6) hours per week. We offer schedules that meet on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for two (2) hours per class meeting, or that meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays for three (3) hours per class meeting. After the first module, you continue onward with this arrangement until the entire course is completed. We charge you for each 25-hour "module" as you take them. This allows you to spread the cost out over time.

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7. How do I enroll in your Japanese language course?

You must pay a deposit fee to reserve a slot. Fill-up the enrollment form, sign a contract and submit a certified true copy of your school credentials.

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8. Do you have teachers who are Japanese native speakers?

At this point in time, we do not have any Japanese native speakers teaching in our Japanese language program. However, our Japanese teachers are well-trained and JLPT Exam certified to teach the courses in which you enroll.

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