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In-Person Classes with American Teachers!

If you want to study English in the Philippines, you CAN have American native teachers instead of Filipinos! At ETHOS English School we have American teachers and several study and housing options for you to consider. We focus upon helping students learn good pronunciation, conversation skills, sentence structure, vocabulary, reading, and writing American English!

NOW is a great time to book a study with us! We have decided to extend our 20% OFF sale through August! Reserve and pay a deposit to lock in your discount! Contact us for more details.


At ETHOS, we accept individual students coming by themselves if they are at least 15 years old. Students younger that 15 will be accepted if they are accompanied by a parent (in our Family Program) or if they are in a group of children coming to ETHOS for a Kids' Camp.

Our classes are taught Mondays through Fridays. Students choose between 4 hours per day and 5 hours per day, and each hour has a different subject. The 4-hour program, includes American Pronunciation, Grammar, Conversation, and Reading. The 5-hour program will cover those 4 subjects plus Writing.


Students at ETHOS have a choice. They can save money and study in small-group classes, with a maximum of six (6) students in one classroom, or they can have man-to-man classes by themselves with an American teacher.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not have classes on REGULAR HOLIDAYS, for which the Philippine government requires all businesses to close for the day. The school will be closed and those days will be skipped in the school calendar. No classes will be scheduled and there will be no make-up classes for those dates because no lessons will be missed. (You can see the list of ETHOS school holidays for 2024 HERE.)

(Please understand that MAN-TO-MAN class spaces are limited. Once they are filled then only GROUP CLASSES will be available.)


At ETHOS, we also offer special rates for families coming to study together. To qualify for these rates, at least one (1) parent and at least one (1) child under the age of 18 must come and study with us for at least one (1) week.

If you are interested in our Family English Classes program, click on that item in the menu to find out more details.


We can also accept groups of children for an English Camp. WE will arrange the housing, laundry, transportation, meals, entertainment, and, of course, daily English classes. Groups under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult chaperone, who will act as guardian on behalf of the parents and help the children pass through the airport immigration upon arrival and pass through on their way back to their home country.

Once here, we will place a local Filipino "BIG BROTHER" or "BIG SISTER" with each group of 3 kids. These will live with , eat with, and travel with the kids while they are with us. This will ensure their safety and provide a new friend for the kids!

ETHOS will arrange and provide everything from the time we pick the children up at the airport until we bring them back to the airport after the camp is finished and they are ready to return home. Our camp price will be all inclusive; lesson materials and instruction, all transportation and any entrance fees, scheduled snacks and meals, plus a camp commemorative t-shirt.

If students want cell phone service or shopping, souvenirs, or if they want to eat different food, they will need to bring extra money.

If you are interested in having an English Camp with us, send us the details of what you want and we will be glad to put a package together for you. And please do not forget that we have 13 American-English-speaking grandchildren ranging in age from 1 to 15 years old! The kids in the camp will spend time and speak English with all of these! You won't find this option available in any other school here in Cebu!

If you are interested in our English Camp for kids program, use the form at the bottom of the page to send us a request.


We have several housing options. Of course, students can find their own place to stay in the city and simply come to school each day for their classes. However, they can also stay in our facilities. We have fully-furnished DORMITORY apartments, which have a complete kitchen for cooking! Students may also choose to stay in the homes of our American teachers. We call this option "HOME STAY." All of our HOME STAY and DORMITORY locations are close to the school. Students can save money and choose SHARED rooms, with one or more roommates, or they can choose a PRIVATE room all to themselves. In all ETHOS housing, we have certain house rules.

We provide our housing students with bedding and towels, which are changed once each week. ETHOS maintenance personnel will clean the rooms twice each week.

For students who want more freedom and privacy, we can book rooms in one of the local hostels or pension houses that are within 5-minutes walking distance of ETHOS.

All ETHOS housing units have FREE high-speed WiFi and purified drinking water. Outside housing may or may not have these.

(Please understand that PRIVATE ROOMS are limited. Once they are fully booked then only SHARED ROOMS will be available.)

A closer look at Housing Options:

Our Home Stay option is our most popular. You stay in the home of one of our American teachers, and this will allow you to live in an English-only environment during your time at ETHOS. Let's take a closer look at ALL housing options.


We do not require students to stay in ETHOS housing. In fact, some students may not qualify for ETHOS housing. For example, we do not accept unmarried or same-sex couples staying together in ETHOS housing. If you want a room in ETHOS housing and all are fully booked, you will have to stay outside.

If you stay in outside housing, all you pay ETHOS is the tuition for the classes. It will be your responsibility to be at the school on time for the start of your classes each school day. No excuses for being late! Classes will start on schedule, even without you.

We have relationships with several hostels and pension houses located just a few minutes away from school. We can assist in making reservations and payments.

(If you are interested in this option, contact us. We will negotiate the price and make the reservation for you, then report to you the total cost. When you arrive, you will pay directly to the owner. ETHOS will not collect and pay money on behalf of students choosing the outside housing option.)


Staying in one of our DORMITORY apartments is the cheapest housing option at ETHOS. This option does not include any meals in the price, but each apartment has a complete kitchen where students can cook food. There are two nearby supermarkets where you can buy groceries. If you do not wish to cook, you can enroll in our meal program.

You can save money with a SHARED room, but we also offer PRIVATE rooms. As mentioned earlier, PRIVATE ROOMS are limited and once they are fully booked then only the SHARED ROOM option remains.

Bedding and towels are provided and changed once each week. Rooms are cleaned by ETHOS staff twice each week.

All DORMITORY apartments have FREE high-speed internet and purified drinking water available!

Each DORMITORY apartment is managed by a member of the ETHOS staff who lives with the students.

Option 3: HOME STAY

The HOME STAY option is our most popular. Students stay in the homes of one of our American teachers, which will allow them to live in an English-only environment during their time at ETHOS. Most of our American families have children who are very friendly to visitors. Some families have pets (mostly dogs or cats), so PLEASE consider this before you choose this option if you have any allergies to animals.

You are not allowed to cook food in your HOME STAY house. However, you do have FREE breakfast on school days included in the price. For your other meals, you may enroll in our meal program, you may cook food in our dormitory, or you may eat outside at one of the local restaurants.

You can save money with a SHARED ROOM or you can choose a PRIVATE ROOM. Because HOME STAY at ETHOS is so popular, and limited, spaces are booked on a “first come, first served” basis. So, make your booking as early as possible! Once all available PRIVATE ROOMS are booked then only the SHARED ROOM option remains.

All HOME STAY houses have FREE high-speed internet and purified drinking water available!


There is a meal program available for lunch and for dinner on Monday through Friday. School holidays that happen during the school week are not included.

A local caterer provides home-cooked Filipino food at very reasonable prices. There is at least one kind of meat and several kinds of vegetables plus rice. Each day is a little different. It is an inexpensive option for students who do not want to cook for themselves.

Students have two (2) options:

There is no meal program payment included in our prices. Students who want the meal program will pay extra for this directly to the caterer every Friday for their meals the following week.

(Please note that the caterer currently has no breakfast meal option available, but do not forget that HOME STAY students have breakfast on school days included in their housing payment.)

What about meals on weekends?

All students, regardless of housing, must provide all their meals on weekends as well as on any school holidays that happen during the school week.

There are several local restaurants near the school. There is a McDonald's and a Jolibee just one block from the school. There are also several native restaurants near the school where students often eat, and we are just 5 minutes away from the SM SEASIDE shopping mall, which has many different restaurants. And do not forget that all students may cook food in the DORMITORY kitchens.


Before we talk about prices, we will explain what IS and IS NOT included in the price we give you.

These things ARE included in the price:

These things ARE NOT included in the price:

Here are price charts for CLASSROOM studies WITH HOUSING options:


We are having a 20% OFF sale, and our discount prices will continue through the end of March. Even if you plan to come study later than March, you can reserve and pay a deposit to lock in your discount! Contact us for more details.

Each chart has two sets of prices. The blue side has the prices for our 4-HOURS PER DAY program. The orange side has the prices for our 5-HOURS PER DAY program. Each colored section also has a column of prices for GROUP and MAN-TO-MAN options.

Each chart also has rows that provide price quotations for 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20 weeks of study. (If you need a price for a different number of weeks, contact us using the email form at the bottom of this page.)

There are prices given for ETHOS DORMITORY and for ETHOS HOME STAY.

The cost for outside housing will be different for each place. We cannot provide quotations for this housing here on our website. Students who choose this option will pay directly to the housing place.

If you want to stay outside, all you pay to ETHOS is the TUITION ONLY rate for your study program - OPTION 1 chart.

(Remember that MAN-TO-MAN CLASS and PRIVATE ROOM housing are more expensive and are very limited. They are booked on a "first come, first served" basis.)

Option 1: Tuition Only

Option 2: Dormitory Prices

Option 3: Home Stay Prices (with breakfast on school days)

How do I pay for the course?

We accept payment by credit card. Simply tell us what course and housing options you want, and how many weeks you want to study and we will email you a quotation for the package. If you approve the quotation, we will send you a credit card billing invoice through email for our non-refundable deposit. Once we receive this deposit payment, we will book your study and reserve your space in housing and your classes.

Then, a few weeks before you are scheduled to arrive at ETHOS, we will send you a second invoice through email for the balance payment. You must pay this amount no later than 15 days before you leave to come to ETHOS.

Please read the Payment Policy for special rules regarding cancellations and refunds.

Need more information?

Thank you for visiting our website! If you would like more information about something, CLICK HERE to submit an email form. You should receive a response from us within 24 hours.