ETHOS Language School

An American school with native speakers located in Cebu City, Philippines


The Philippines celebrates many holidays throughout the year. Because we recognize that our students are paying for their English training here with us, we only close for the REGULAR HOLIDAYS, which are holidays for which the Philippine government requires all business nationwide to close.

On Regular Holidays, no classes will be scheduled and students will be free to do whatever they wish with the time. Many students use this as an opportunity for going to the beach and participation in other tourism activities.

Regarding school classes on those holidays, there will be no make-up classes, or refunds because there are no lessons taught on those days, and holidays are factored into our pricing at ETHOS.

Here is a chart listing the ETHOS School Holidays for 2024:

Note: There are Muslim holidays that take place in June and September, but the specific dates will not be announced until shortly before the holidsy. ETHOS will announce these dates to students as soon as they are published.

In addition, we close for the last two (2) weeks of each year. Students who have classes that extend at least two (2) weeks into the next year can stay FREE in our dormitory during this two-week-end-of-year holiday! They can have a Philippine Christmas Vacation without having to worry about a hotel!

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This is our entrance!
We have a modern facility!
We have small classes.
Maximum of 6 students!
More classrooms upstairs.
We have a large library and student lounge.
Where we have our graduations!
You will love our back yard!
This is our dormitory.
It has a complete kitchen.
It has a really clean bathroom!
And so are the rooms!
And then we have Home Stay!
You stay with an American teacher.
Very clean bathrooms.
And hot showers.
And the rooms are nice too!